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Company Information

We, Soryu International Corporation, have been fostering the trust ties through exporting mainly used construction and road machinery to various countries in the South-east Asian areas, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, etc. and also the Mide-east and America districts.

It is brilliant for the economical development of the South-east Asian countries especially in recent years. Under this situation, we are very proud that we have handled and exported the Japanese excellent construction machinery needed by them, resulting in making a contribution to them.

It has been 50 years in 2023 since our company was established, and the growth of our firm will be always continued with the development of south-east Asian countries. Accordingly we have every day studied machinery markets and tried to make our best efforts in acquiring the better-quality goods and supplied them being useful to the customers in each country. And also, we do have the good relationship with our venders and banks and do lead to succeed in our business activities smoothly.

Company Brief

Name Soryu International Corporation
Office Address Soryu Bldg., No. 9-3, Shinmachi 2-Chome,
Nishi-Ku, Osaka 550-0013
No. 12-96, Nakajima 2-Chome,
Nishiyodogawa-Ku, Osaka 555-0041
Phone 81-6-6533-2141
Fax 81-6-6533-2144
Found on June 1, 1973
Capital 10 million Yen
President Bunzaburo NATSU
Purpose Export of various construction machines, vehicles and trucks
Bank MUFG Bank,Ltd. Higashi-Osaka Branch
Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Yotsubashi Branch

Head office



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